You wanted to view your workbooks but sometimes web pages are a little too big or too small and it would be nice to be able to zoom out or in to make the page easier to read especially when you are reading on a small device. The Chalkboard Content Viewer is designed to be zoomed in and zoomed out so you can continue reading wherever and whenever you want.


Whether you are using your computer, tablet or cellphone, we've got you covered. The Chalkboard Content Viewer can make our online content adjustable depending on your preference.


First, go to the Chalkboard website to log in to your account and go to Explore Chalkboard menu and select the Workbook you would like to view.

Once you have selected and opened your Workbook, find the “Zoom In and Zoom Out” icon on the upper left side of the window.

Select the (+) sign icon if you want the workbook bigger or the (-) sign icon to make it smaller. You can also adjust it by changing the number beside the (%) icon that is also applicable on your tablet and cellphone for your convenience.

Once you’ve reached this window, you are now ready to view this document.

NOTE: You can also adjust your workbook size on your web browser offline for your convenience.