Do you really have to highlight everything? or let us say your kid has accidentally highlighted an entire page in a book and you want to remove it, right?


In a matter of seconds and a few click, you can now manage to remove the highlights you put on your workbook. Chalkboard Online Book is designed for kids to play around with different shades of color to use as a highlighter.


First, go to the Chalkboard website to log in to your account and go to Explore Chalkboard menu and select the Workbook you would like to view.

Once you have selected and opened your Workbook, go to the page where you put certain highlights on that you would like to delete or remove. Once you have selected your page, drag your mouse to "Highlighting" icon on the upper left side of the window.

Once you’ve reached this window, select "Delete Annotation" icon and click the notes highlighted on the workbook.

Perfect! you have just deleted the highlights on your own.